Tree Sale Through Arborguard and Trees Atlanta

“TREE WATCH” program from ARBORGUARD & TREES ATLANTA offered to DHCA Division 2 this Fall Season!!

Come to our Division 2 Fall Meeting Tuesday, 9/16 @ 7:00 pm Epiphany Church, corner Ponce de Leon & East Lake Rd.  You will  have the opportunity to purchase trees for your front yard @ $60 each which includes the tree of your choice, planting, and mulching.  If you are a DHCA Member, the deal is even better because DHCA will pay half ($30) for up to 2 trees per yard and a total limit of $1500 for the project.  We will  hear from representatives from Trees Atlanta and Arborguard and they will answer questions about the project.  There will be signup sheets if you want to participate.  The planting is scheduled for November 22, 2014.

Anne H. Wallace


DHCA Division 2 Fall Meeting

DHCA DIVISION 2 FALL MEETING!  Tuesday, September 16, 7pm-9pm at the Church of the Epiphany.  Updates on: Cityhood, Fernbank Forest, Fernbank Elementary, TreeWatch (opportunity to purchase trees from TreesAtlanta and have them planted by ArborGuard on November 22, 2014), E. Lake Road and CSX RR crossing.

Two Car Break-In at Same House

They’re back!  Our Bronco was broken into this weekend- they took 2 pocket knives and a blue tooth speaker.  Also, the car of our house guest was broken into late Sunday/early Monday.  Both cars were parked in our driveway.

Address:  East Lake Road near Ponce – Elena Braswell



Unlocked Cars Entered and Searched

Just wanted to let folks know that the car snoopers are back at it.  Our two cars were both rifled through last night/this morning.  We both leave them unlocked and with nothing of value inside, so no damage or loss to report, but we all need reminding from time to time.  I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for suspicious persons.

Thanks, Sarah

(On Ridgecrest Road, SW corner at East Lake)

DHCA Division 2 Fall Meeting Sept. 16


 Tuesday, September 16, 2014

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Episcopal Church of the Epiphany

Corner Ponce de Leon Ave and E. Lake Road



 Update on E. Lake Road and CSX Makeovers

 Fernbank Forest

 Fernbank Elementary Construction Update

 Cityhood, Incorporation, Annexation Options and Survey

 TreeWatch Program for Division 2 This Fall – Speakers from Arborguard & TreesAtlanta


  Anne H. Wallace


DHCA Response to Cityhood/Annexation Issues

DHCA Response to Cityhood/Annexation Issues

by dhcacommunications

Dear Neighbor,

Nearly two years ago, the topic of “Cityhood” was first discussed at a Druid Hills Civic Association (DHCA) meeting. The residents of some DeKalb County neighborhoods to our north were forming initiatives to create new cities. We weren’t certain how Druid Hills would be affected but agreed that we should keep an eye on it because part of our neighborhood was included in one of the proposed maps.

I am writing to you now because Cityhood has emerged as the most profound issue our neighborhood has faced since the Presidential Parkway in the 1980s. As new cities form around us, the portion of Druid Hills in unincorporated DeKalb County could become isolated and face higher taxes and a disproportionately lower share of HOST funds because we will be left to fund mandated County services. If the new North DeKalb cities keep tax money for their own local governments, there will be less revenue for the rest of the county.

For those of you not following this serious issue, let me point out that two words – “cityhood” and “municipalization” — are being used to describe local governments created to handle some services now provided and controlled by DeKalb County. Leaders of these initiatives believe that many issues can be better provided at a local level. Our State Constitution mandates that certain services be provided by every county in the state, such as courts, jails, schools, and roads. Even DeKalb County’s Interim CEO Lee May has supported incorporating the entire county as a way to provide better government services. Read more of this post