Home Break-In

Another Door Kicked In on Ponce

 Burglars kicked in the door at the house next to 2155 which was reported about 3 weeks ago.  They came in from the RR tracks sometime between dark and 11:00 pm.  Searched all 3 floors of the residence opening drawers, cabinets, closets to steal computers, jewelry, etc.  No one was home at the time of the break-in.

 These criminals must be watching homes from the RR tracks to see when people leave a house unattended.  


Burglary on Ponce de Leon 1/11/16

The home at 2155 Ponce de Leon Ave NE was broken into yesterday 1/11/16 between 7:00-11:00 pm.  The residents were not at home (thankfully!).  The burglars kicked in the front door and went through the house thoroughly.  They took backpacks, wallets, laptops, etc.

Please remember these important security steps:

  • Install solid core doors, heavy duty locks, and window security devices
  • Lock all doors, windows, and garages at all times
  • Use four three-inch screws to secure heavy duty lock strike plates in the door frame
  • Use the door peephole BEFORE opening the door
  • Use your porch light to help you to see clearly outside
  • Never rely on a chain-latch as a barrier to partially open the door
  • Never open the door to strangers or solicitors
  • Call the police if the stranger acts suspicious
  • Alert your neighbors to suspicious solicitors
  • Hold a family meeting to discuss home security plans
  • Set the home perimeter alarm at night, if you have one

Anne Wallace

DHCA Division 2 Chair

Property Damage at Ponce and Ridgecrest

At approximately 2am last night (12/28) someone drove off the road at the corner of Ponce de Leon Ave and Ridgecrest Rd. He or she knocked down the stop sign, the street sign post, a Marta sign, and the signs warning trucks about the low bridge ahead. They also demolished some of our hedges and our address marker.

I looked out the window when I heard the noise and saw a blackish el Camino-type vehicle driving off toward Scott Blvd. I should have called the police then but I didn’t realize the extent of the damage.

If anyone has any additional information can you please contact me?


Kate Krause


Google Fiber for the Neighborhood?

Google Fiber is coming to Atlanta, Decatur and Avondale Estates. Yet somehow much of our neighborhood is not included (East Lake Rd., much of Ridgecrest, Ponce, the Parkwoods, etc.). Google will be providing fiber service to different “fiberhoods” based on demand.

Please take a moment to go to https://fiber.google.com/cities/atlanta/ where you can enter your home address to see if you will be in the service area, and also to sign up for email updates on when your house may be eligible. If enough neighbors express interest, perhaps we can get Google Fiber extended throughout our neighborhood.

What is Google Fiber?

Google Fiber is Google’s fiber-to-the-premises service in the U.S., providing broadband internet and cable television to a small and slowly increasing number of locations. For the Atlanta area, they will be providing services in direct competition with AT&T and Comcast at much faster data speeds (and typically at a lower cost). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Fiber#Services

DHP Crime Alert 11.25.15

Please be aware of the incidents noted in the Druid Hills Patrol crime alert, and suggestions for staying safe.

Dear DHP member:

Emory University police has reported two robbery incidents in the area adjacent to Druid Hills area. Both incidents happened late evening hours on 11-23-15 and 11-24-15.

In both incidents, a female Emory student was walking alone when approached by an occupant from a nearby stopped vehicle.  A male exited the vehicle, pointed a shotgun or rifle at the victim, demanded personal items (cell phone, purse), and then fled the area.  Neither victim was injured.  What follows are details about the reported robberies:
1)     On 11-23-15 at approximately 9:00 pm, a pedestrian robbery was reported to have occurred inside the Clairmont Reserve Apartment complex, located on Clairmont Rd.  The vehicle involved was described as an older sedan (possibly burgundy) and the person with the shotgun was described as a male, approximately 5’8, slim build, wearing a dark colored jacket, and identified by the victim as black.  Two or more other occupants were in the vehicle.

2)     On 11-24-25 at approximately 10:15 pm, a similar incident was reported to have occurred at the intersection of N. Decatur Road and Willivee Drive.  The vehicle involved was described as a silver sedan and the person with the shotgun or rifle was described as a male between 5’8 and 5’11, medium build, short haircut, and identified by the victim as black.

We suggest exercising serious caution at this time.
  • Call 911 if you see anything that seems suspicious. You are the eyes and ears of the police.
  • Do not walk alone after dark, even with a dog.
  • Do not talk on a cellphone while walking. Doing so distracts you from your surroundings and advertises the asset in your hand.
  • If you must listen to music or a podcast while walking in the neighborhood, at least leave out one earbud so that you can hear what is happening around you.
  • Be vigilant when you are out in your yard.
  • Warn family members and guests to be cautious as they leave and enter cars parked on the street or in turnarounds.
Be safe.

Druid Hills Patrol

DHCA News | 11.24.15

Important info from the latest DHCA newsletter:

Increased Police Presence
The DHCA has initiated a special security detail for the holiday season. A group of off-duty DeKalb police officers has been conducting surveillance in marked and unmarked cars. The detail covers all nine divisions of Druid Hills. Officers look for suspicious persons and incidents. The DHCA allocated $5,000 for the coverage which, along with the December 1st Town Hall meeting, is a response to the perceived heightened criminal threat to the neighborhood.

Lullwater Trail
The proposal of a multi-use trail along Lullwater Road is being evaluated by the DHCA’s Bike & Pedestrian Subcommittee. Chair Van Biesel welcomes input and ideas from all Druid Hills residents. The subcommittee’s goal is to improve safety for walkers and bikers in ways that preserve the character of Druid Hills, enhance the living environment of residents, and reduce automobile traffic on residential streets. If the trail concept is found to be feasible and clearly beneficial, the subcommittee will present the study and plan to the DHCA. Neither the DHCA nor the subcommittee will take a position on a proposed trail until the study is complete.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Van Biesel at transportation@druidhills.org.

Play a Part
The DHCA is looking for a few great board members! Become part of the solution to issues that concern you and your neighbors. Please contact Nominating Committee chair Mike St. Louis at nominating@druidhills.org by December 1, 2015.

Fernbank Open House | 11.19.15

Fernbank principal Jason Marshall has advised of the open house of Fernbank Elementary on November 19, and that the school will be ready for students when they return to class after the holiday break on November 30.



6-8:00 PM!!

Our new school building is almost ready for us – come see the progress! The building is bustling with construction workers, landscapers, and technology folks all working at top speed to make things ready for us November 30th. When you visit this Thursday you will see a beautiful new school, whose final touches are just around the corner – keep that in mind! When we open the doors for our boys and girls Monday morning, November 30th, we will be READY!

– Mr. Marshall

Lost Dog – Louie Is Back At Home!



lost dog

UPDATE:  Louis is back home – thank you!


Louie is our sweet 80 lb, Great Pyrenees pup
Very friendly, white long hair, microchipped
Went missing afternoon of 11/13/15
near East Lake Road and Ponce de Leon
PLEASE CALL 4048635775
with info.

Louie was hit by a car and last seen in Deepdene, possibly headed to Barton Woods or down Ponce.