Reminder: Vacation Checks by Police and Police Phone Numbers

From the Q&A on the website in late 2014:

Do the DeKalb police make vacation checks?

Yes. Call 770.724.7600. Tell the operator there’s no emergency (if she should ask), and then tell her you want to a file a POAP. That’s “patrol as often as possible.” Give your information to the person you’re transferred to, and the police will patrol your house while you’re gone.

How should the police be contacted if I see a suspicious person; if my house has been burglarized; if a detached building on my property has been burglarized; if my car has been entered (with or without a smashed window); or if a stray dog is on the loose in the neighborhood?

Suspicious persons, house burglary, detached building burglary:   Call 911.   An officer will respond, investigate, and file a report.

Non-emergency car break-in:   Call 678.406.7929 and follow prompts to file police report by phone. You could also simply call 911 and say it’s not an emergency. (Patrol officers generally don’t come out for car break-ins, although you can insist on having one do so. You might have to wait a while.)

Stray dog on the loose (and all other animal issues):   Call 404.294.2996   (Animal Control)

To get a police report for a burglary, car break-in, accident:   Call 770.724.7740   (Police Central Records)


You cannot make a report by phone for a house or detached building burglary. An officer must come out and make a report.

Making a report for even a car break-in is important for getting the police resources we need to make the neighborhood safe. Not making a report when something bad has happened causes the neighborhood, in the eyes of the police (and county commissioners), to appear safer than it actually is.

Spring Plant Sales

Fernbank Science Center and Trees Atlanta will be having their spring plant sales on Saturday, April 18, 2015.


Poster for Trees Atlanta Spring Plant Sale

3rd Annual Trees Atlanta Native Plant Sale

Fernbank Science Center Plant Sale

The Fernbank Science Center will hold their sale from 8am to 3pm at 156 Heaton Park Drive. (The Fernbank Science Center is not associated with the Fernbank Museum on Clifton Road.)

There will be a wide variety of trees, shrubs and flowering perennials available. Many of these are native plants and may be hard to find elsewhere. The Fernbank Science Center horticulture staff will be on hand to provide planting advice and suggestions for gardening problems.

For additional information on the Fernbank sale, follow these links:

Fernbank Plant Sale Webpage

Sample List of Available Plants (PDF)

Trees Atlanta Plant Sale

Trees Atlanta will be holding their spring plant sale from 8am to 1pm at the Freedom Farmers’ Market at the Carter Center.

Included in the sale are great bird-and-butterfly-friendly species such as milkweed, native lilies, aster, jack-in–the-pulpit, and goldenrod. Many species of vines, ferns, and grasses will be for sale, too. Trees Atlanta staff members will be on hand to provide advice on plant selection and placement.

For additional information on the Trees Atlanta sale, follow these links:

Trees Atlanta Plant Sale Webpage

List of Available Plants (PDF)

Coyotes in DeKalb County

Below is an article that recently ran in the AJC



A DeKalb County neighborhood ravaged by an infestation of coyotes has seen the situation escalate with the unwanted pests killing family pets.

According to WSB-TV, the coyotes have been in the Medlock Park neighborhood for months, but have recently stepped up their presence by killing cats and other outdoor pets. Wildlife experts pin the increase in violence to the coyotes’ breeding season; with more hungry mouths to feed, adult coyotes need to be more aggressive to bring home food to their young.

Area residents should bring their outdoor pets inside if at all possible, and keep a close eye on pets if they’re let outside. Wildlife experts told WSB-TV that if coyotes are spotted, loud noises will usually scare them away.

Please join us at the Atlanta Botanical Garden at Day Hall

 Tuesday, March 10, 2015 

(doors open at 6.30pm, presentation starts at 7.30pm)

Olmsted’s Deepdene Park:  

A forest preserved in the 19th century finds its way for the 21st

Spencer Tunnell, Olmsted Linear Park Alliance

Half of the total 45 acres of the Olmsted Linear Park in Druid Hills lies in the forest of Deepdene. In this talk, the history of this park will be touched on with more time spent examining the efforts of the Olmsted Linear Park Alliance to rehabilitate this woodland with its triple threat of invasive exotics, storm drainage erosion and overhead power lines.  Over its 125 years of history Deepdene has seen a lot of change and keeps perking along, doing what Olmsted always wanted it to do!

Please bring a friend and as always, parking vouchers for carpoolers.

Let us know if you know of a group who would like to host a table during social hour.

Cars Vandalized

On Sunday morning, February 1, at 3am, a DeKalb police officer came to our door at the corner of East Lake and Ridgecrest to ask if we owned the van parked on the street.  After confirming we did, he informed us that our driver side window was smashed in.  The car was still locked, and though entirely shattered, only a small portion of the window had fallen out.  No one had been in the van.  Another car not belonging to us, also parked on the side of the street, had the driver side window completely broken out, but it appeared the car wasn’t entered, and nothing was taken.  A second car we had parked between these two cars wasn’t touched.

BOLO | DHP Special Crime Alert

Yesterday, the Druid Hills Patrol issued a Special Crime Alert to its members. Below is the information from that alert.

February 4, 2015

Dear DHP member:

Druid Hills Patrol and DeKalb County police department have obtained information about a person going door to door and selling magazines. The suspect is currently a wanted man in Fayette County, Iowa and several other states.   He has a long felony arrest record, including residential burglary and violent crime.


If you see this man please call 911.

Decatur City Dance / Winter Dance Concert February 7th


Layout 1



Support your local dance company! Kids Welcome!
Decatur City Dance presents their Winter Dance Concert!
February 7 at 2:00 PM or 7:30 PM
St. Pius X Auditorium
Don’t miss it! See the flyer below or click the link to buy tickets online!

Thank you!

Corinne Smith
Board Member of Decatur City Dance
Media Specialist 4/5 Academy on Fifth Avenue

Fernbank Elem. Construction | January 20 Update

Charlie Rogers has provided this weekly update from January 20, 2015, on the construction of the new Fernbank Elementary School. Construction remains on track for the start of school in August 2015.

On Tuesday morning, January 20, DCSD staff held a Community Construction Update Meeting at the Fernbank Science Center to provide an update on the continued progress of the new Fernbank Elementary School construction project. The overall project remains on schedule for completion in July and occupancy by the students and staff in August, 2015. Highlights of the meeting are as follows:

– RK Redding, the general contractor, continues to work on the building envelope on both the classroom and gym/administration wings of the building.
– Foundation walls and some slab on grade pours for the gym/admin wing have been completed; the remaining slab on grades and 2d floor elevated slab is being poured and structural steel erection was scheduled to begin this week.
– MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) trades are performing interior and exterior rough-in work and interior masonry walls are being constructed in the classroom wing.
– Steel is in place for the classroom wing, 2d floor elevated slab has been poured, metal decking is in place on the 3rd floor and the 3rd floor slab on grade is being poured.
– Roofing should start on the classroom wing in the next 3-4 weeks.
– Retaining walls are all in place on the site.
– Major site work has been completed.
– The architect is currently (and proactively) working with PTA representatives on the specific location(s) for the incorporation of bricks and pavers salvaged from the old building, and with Mr. Marshall on some modifications to the interior layout of some of the administrative space to accommodate his preferences.
– Interior construction will continue and increase significantly upon the drying-in of the building over the next 4-6 weeks.
– The advent of additional workers on site (which will increase even more as the building is dried-in) has resulted in an increase of traffic in and around the site. DCSD asked that extra care be given by all who are traveling past the site on Heaton Park Drive. The contractor will likely be asked to lay down a gravel base somewhere onsite to allow more room for workers’ cars and trucks as the number of workers increases, due to concerns about the absence of parking around the Science Center in recent weeks. This would allow those cars and trucks to be parked on the site instead of in spaces along Heaton Park Drive.
– DCSD staff have been advised of recent complaints regarding trash left in and around the site and parking areas by workers, and is passing that concern along to the general contractor.
– Photo below is almost a month old but shows the progress of both wings (classroom on top).



Theft on Christmas

My son’s Christmas gifts were stolen from his car parked on Ridgecrest Road Christmas night about 11pm while he was back in the house saying goodbye.  Unfortunately, he did not lock his car after loading it and did not notice until the next morning.  We did file a report with the police.  Please remind your guests to keep their cars locked at all times while parked in our neighborhood.