Missing Water Bills From DeKalb County


Several of us on Barton Woods Rd. and at least one household on North Ponce did not get our bill for water due in July and then got a “cut notice” that service would be disconnected if it wasn’t paid by 7/22.  The only way to pay in time was in person or by credit card, the latter with a $4 fee.  We each thought this was our own oversight until we put our heads together.  If you get your water through DeKalb County and this happened to you, please let me know.  I’d like to get a sense of how massive this problem is before going to the county — and maybe the press — to complain.  You might want to do so individually too. And those of us who paid by credit card should get our $4 back. –Noelle McAfee, noelle_mcafee@mac.com

Road Makeover Update (July 13, 2014)

Road Makeover Update

We met with the engineering team from GDOT last Friday (July 11) and have the following updates to provide the neighborhood:

Curb Installation

As you know, the curb installation is well underway. GDOT is installing granite curbs to preserve the aesthetic of this Druid Hills historic neighborhood, and they will be installed on both sides of E Lake Rd from Ponce to Paden.

Missing Curb Sections – ACTION REQUIRED
The normal process for this type of project is to remove all of the trees, install curbs and grade the beauty strip. In order to preserve the trees that line the street, GDOT will skip sections of curb that might impact root systems. Additionally, the contractor switched to a smaller bucket on the excavator, which makes the work a bit more difficult/time consuming, but there is a much smaller impact on the trees. Because of the possibility of serious impact on trees, many of the homes along the south part of East Lake, between the RR tracks and Paden Circle, will not have granite curb.

There are pros and cons to every decision. With missing curb, it will be aesthetically inconsistent and there will be the possibility of water erosion and pooling in those sections without curbing. We will be distributing flyers in the mailboxes for those houses that are NOT scheduled to get curbs currently, with instructions and contact information that will instruct GDOT as to which objective, drainage versus trees, takes precedence in front of your home. Please look for the flyers in the next week or so.

As many have probably noticed, the installation of the curbs looks a bit messy right now — the beauty strip has large chunks of debris, the granite pieces may be a bit askew, etc. GDOT explained that the granite curbs are quite heavy and that there will be settling after initial installation. Therefore, the contractor has to wait a while for the curbs to settle and then they must go back and adjust them as required, which makes the process a bit disjointed. Rest assured, the contractor will ultimately leave the beauty strip in a clean, graded state when they are finished. GDOT has also instructed the contractor that they cannot use Azalea Park as a dump site, and they will be replacing any damaged bushes. GDOT has an engineer assigned to the project and will be making sure the contractor performs quality work. If you are concerned with the quality of the work, please contact us and we will notify the GDOT engineer.

The contractor will install sod on the beauty strip. July is not the correct time to install sod, so it will be done in the fall. GDOT also said the contractor will provide some watering for the sod, but you may want to be prepared to do some of your own watering, especially for the trees to help ensure success. As for the type of sod, the contractor will be replacing grass “in kind,” which will typically be fescue or bermuda.

Tree Damage and Removal
As mentioned above, while the beauty strip is not private property, GDOT is making every effort to save as many trees as possible and respect the wishes of homeowners. GDOT shared an arborist report from a few years ago that showed many of the trees are in an unhealthy state and are at risk of dying. They assured us that if trees die due to their poor health or damage from the curb installation process, GDOT will be responsible for removing them.

Sidewalk Damage – ACTION REQUIRED
Sidewalk repair is not GDOT’s responsibility; it is the county’s responsibility. However, the contractor is responsible for repairing any damage caused by their curb installation and repaving process. We strongly encourage you to take a picture of the sidewalk in front of your house before curb installation starts. This will be very beneficial in settling any disagreements on what damage was pre-existing and what damage was caused by the contractor. If curb has already been installed at your house and the sidewalk has been damaged, please let us know so we can contact the GDOT engineer.

The contractor plans to remove (by way of milling) a few inches from the surface of the street, and then resurface it with fresh asphalt. GDOT has not specified exact timing, but the process typically starts on a Friday evening and goes around the clock until complete on Monday morning. Of course, there will be no on-street parking during this time, but residents will have access in and out of driveways. We do expect there will be some inconveniences during this time.

Mike Pascale

Wanted – A Reliable 3rd Family Car

Our 16 year old has a new driver’s license (look out Atlanta!) and we are looking to purchase a reliable used car for him to drive to school and back.  We would prefer a car with automatic transmission, good brakes, a running engine, in good condition and something that would pass inspection.  An older model car is fine as is higher mileage – say 130,000 miles and under versus over 200,000 miles.  If you (or someone you know) is looking to sell a good, safe used car, please contact me at nanbrinson@gmail.com.  Thanks!  - Nan Brinson 404-373-6071

Plein Air Invitational | Olmstead Linear Park


Volunteer Open House

April 23 – 26, 2015

elrn-plein-airJoin the mystery and magic of seeing thirty of the best outdoor “plein air” artists in America compete for prizes while they capture the historic beauty of the Olmsted Linear Park in Druid Hills, Atlanta. Designed by America’s premier landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmsted Sr., the Park will offer the backdrop for the first painted images in over one hundred years of its existence. The Olmsted Plein Air Invitational Atlanta is a first of its kind event and will require a lot of volunteers.

So, if you have a passion for art and the Olmsted Linear Park we welcome you to volunteer. Walter and Sandy Kruger have graciously opened their home for a volunteer kick-off party on Saturday, July 19 from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Please stop by to hear more about this fabulous event and how you can get involved.

Please join us at the home of

Walter and Sandy Kruger
616 Ridgecrest Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
Saturday, July 19, 2014
4:00 – 7:00 pm

RSVP sandy@atlantaolmstedpark.org

Note your calendar-The Inaugural Olmsted Plein Air Invitational, April 23-26, 2015

Update on Road Makeover

As you’ve noticed, the Georgia DOT makeover of East Lake Rd. is well underway. The first part of the process is installing the curbs, and the current installation process is more impactful than many of us had anticipated. While the space between the sidewalk and the curb (road verge, beauty strip, sidewalk buffer, landscape strip) is technically county property, we all care about and maintain it in front of our homes. Furthermore, we would all like to keep the tree-lined beauty of East Lake Road.

We have been closely working with the engineer assigned to this project, and we will keep everyone posted as we learn anything we think the neighborhood needs to know. The engineer recently informed us that the contractor, CW Matthews, has switched to a smaller backhoe bucket to minimize the impact to the trees. After the new curb is installed, we encourage you to fertilize, mulch, and water the ground under the trees in front of your house to increase the chances of their survival.

The repaving process will start after the curb work is complete -— the last repaving was ten years ago —- and we have been warned that it will be noisy.

The Suzuki School | Ponce City Market + Buckhead


A message from The Suzuki School about their programs and availability at the Ponce City Market and Buckhead Campuses:

Hello! I’m Courtney May. I’m reaching out to a few different communities to spread the word about The Suzuki School.

As you might have heard, we’re opening our third campus! As a result, we’ve got availability at our Buckhead Campus program for 3 year olds, and our upcoming location at Ponce City Market (across from the Whole Foods shopping center) has limited availability in programs from 3 months to five years.

The idea of a Suzuki education is to guide children on a journey that progresses at the child’s pace – meaning, we’ve got foreign language lessons, fine motor activities, music education, and dozens of other programs designed to nurture the most important years in a child’s development.

Check out our website at www.suzukischool.com, find us on Facebook, or call us at: 404.869.1042. Let us tell you, personally, what our blend of Montessori and Suzuki education can do for your child. We’d love to speak with you!


Landscaping Worker Available for Hire

My name is Ben Rigger I live on East Parkwood Road right off Ponce.  I’m a college student who for the summer is dong a lot of landscaping. I have worked mostly in the Oakhurst neighborhood, but I want to branch out to the East Lake area. I mow lawns, trim hedges, rake leaves, pretty much any kind of yard work. Please contact me if you are interested.  Thank you.

Ben Rigger