Remodeler Recommendation

Hector Quintanilla and his crew have done extensive siding and window repair on our house this week, and they’ve started on the painting of it. The work is excellent, and it’s going along fast.

Quintanilla Remodelers does roofing, siding, painting, flooring, any kind of carpentry, and just about everything else, including professional landscaping. They’re experts in repair of anything damaged by water over the years, including eaves, soffits, fascia, siding, and windows — and they get to the root cause to prevent the damage from recurring. I’m impressed by their detective work.

I highly recommend Hector on quality of work, price, and ease in working with. You can reach him at 404.438.7416, or by coming by our house (241 Chelsea Drive; Decatur) today (9.22) or tomorrow.

Bob Ballou



Tonight at 8pm a woman entered my back porch on Ponce de Leon Manor. I asked her what she was doing and she said she thought my house was a place for Emory patients. We think she walked up Ponce de Leon Manor before entering through my back gate and porch.

I called 911 and after police got here my neighbor told police that he saw her on Ponce de Leon. She was picked up by the police.

She is obviously mentally ill and the officer agreed. In case she comes back around she is a black woman, maybe mid 40’s, short hair and about 160-170 lbs. Tonight she was wearing a long, knit black and white striped dress with a sweater around her waist. She also had a large purse.


Stolen Car 9/14/15

This morning, around 6:00 AM, my car was stolen out of my driveway on E Lake Rd. There was nothing of value in the car.  It was parked in front of another car, so they had to back it out through the yard after hotwiring it.

It is a bronze, 2003 Infiniti FX35. Plates are DeKalb Co, GL85AO (Spay/Neuter plates with the dog picture). It is distinctive in that it has no roof rack – rare for these cars. If anyone saw anything suspicious, or has any information at all, please contact Chris Moe at 404-394-6158. Thank you.


Car - 2014-06-21 15.31.22


My name is Caroline Chotas and my husband and I found this little girl crawled up in our car engine a week ago.  We took her to Village Vets Decatur for her first round of shots and checkup.  She is negative for Feline HIV and heartworm, totally healthy and estimated 6-8 weeks old.  We heard her mewing for a couple days and she was very skinny when we brought her in.  She is totally domesticated living in our tv room, loves being held, eating regular foods, playing nonstop, cuddling every second she can get some attention and using the litter box exclusively. She is an adorable little “tortie.”  She has three black paws and an orange one!  That must be lucky…she already was lucky enough to crawl into our car that we don’t drive very often.

Unfortunately, we have two very large dogs and an adult rescue cat and will not be able to house her much longer.  Our dogs do not make for a safe living environment for the kitten.  We also have a family of hawks in the oak tree out back and thus don’t want her to be an outside cat.

Please help us find a home for her.  We are happy to help with her upcoming costs, we just want her to find a loving forever home.

Please call me at 404-520-6890 or email me at this address if you can help us.

Thank you,
Caroline Chotas

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Druid Hills Patrol BOLO

The Druid Hills Patrol distributed the following BOLO to its members today, July 15, 2015:

Dear DHP member:

The DeKalb County Police Department has issued the following BOLO alert for our area.

Be on the lookout for an older black male wearing dark clothing riding a bicycle seen leaving the area after vehicle break-ins in neighborhoods surrounding the Emory Campus. The break-ins are occurring in business lots mostly after 6pm and in the neighborhoods after dark. It has been reported that he is driving slowly through the neighborhoods looking into cars parked along the street. The suspect is breaking the car windows taking loose change and any visible bags from vehicles. Please call 911 if you see anyone matching this description.

There have also been numerous vehicle break-ins recently on residential streets in Druid Hills. Please do not attempt to intervene if you see this suspect. Call 911 and provide a description and location.

Be safe.

Druid Hills Patrol

DeKalb County Updates

***DeKalb is Rolling Forward to One-Day-a-Week Sanitation Collection on Monday, July 6.

Twice-a-week garbage collection service for all single-family residential customers officially ended on July 3.

One-day-a-week garbage, recyclable materials and yard trimmings collection service begins this week. Please click here for details.

For more information, contact the Sanitation Division’s customer service team at 404-294-2900 or and visit

***Election Day for Commission District 5 and House District 80 is Tuesday, July 14.

Click here to find out if you live in District 5 (South DeKalb/Lithonia) or House District 80 (North DeKalb/Brookhaven). Type your address into the upper right search bar.

More information about the elections, including precinct locations, can be found at

***Interim CEO Lee May Upcoming Town Hall Meetings  

Interim CEO Lee May is holding a town hall tour of public meetings throughout the county. These meetings are an opportunity for ICEO May to discuss the mid-year budget recommendations with citizens, including a proposed tax cut for county residents and funding for police body cameras, as well as the “Rolling Forward to One” sanitation program.
Upcoming meetings are listed below, and more can be found here:

Thursday, July 9


Derwin Brown Memorial South Precinct

2842 H.F. Shepherd Drive

Decatur, Ga 30088

***Commission District 5 Community Candidate Forums

Attention, District 5 residents: Come learn about the two Board of Commissioners candidates to help you make an informed decision on July 14.


Tuesday, July 7

6:30-8 p.m.

Brooks Mill Subdivision Clubhouse

4009 Brooks Mill Drive

Lithonia, GA 30038

Sponsored by: Brooks Mill Subdivision and South DeKalb Parent Council


Thursday, July 9

6:30-8 p.m.

Fairfield Baptist Church

6133 Redan Road

Lithonia, GA 30058

Sponsored by: Georgia Stand Up, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Voter Empowerment Collaborative