Georgia Power Tree Trimming

Georgia Power will be trimming trees/vines along our power line this weekend between Ridgecrest & W. Ponce as they run along the CSX lines behind our houses.  Hope everyone got the door notices and will thank the guys for the work they do to keep our power lines clear and working!


Anne H. Wallace, President


Power Line Maintenance

On Wednesday, 7/6 a power outage occurred along Ridgecrest Road and the south side of Ponce de Leon toward Decatur, effecting 37 homes.  A limb had fallen at 11:45 am on the power lines near the CSX tracks.  The power outage was reported by the homeowner immediately and power was restored around 9:15 pm. 

The issue is maintenance and keeping the trees, kudzu, and heavy growth off these lines.  Thursday afternoon I met with Matt Goff, Forestry and ROW supervisor with Georgia Power.  Matt knows our old historic grid well and explained that the crews have to cut and clean this area individually as no bucket trucks can get back to the lines.  He told me that there are crews currently working along McLendon near Lake Claire Park and promised me that they will be coming our way later this summer.  He will let me know when to expect them and I will keep you posted!

 As President of DHCA, I encourage you all to join us and to be active in your neighborhood!  Enjoy your summer!

 Anne H. Wallace, President

Druid Hills Civic Association


Free TaiChi Lessons in Decatur on Saturdays

And help keep this green space green!



Decatur “Green” health and relaxation practice
Kickstart your Saturday mornings with the simple movements and breath work of Tai Chi and Qigong. Dress comfortably.
Sponsored by City of Decatur Active Living, Decatur Housing Authority, and Qigong and TaiChi 4 L.I.F.E.
For more information contact:
Steve Dorage at 404-617-0071, or Neil Norton at 404-271-6526.
Starting Saturday, July 9th, 2016 ongoing each Saturday through September. FREE
Meet at 7:30am at the Greenspace on the corner of W. Trinity Pl. and Commerce Ave. Free parking is available behind the Ebster Center off Electric Ave.

Sponsored by City of Decatur Active Living, Decatur Housing Authority, and Qigong and TaiChi 4 L.I.F.E.
For more information contact:
Steve Dorage at 404-617-0071, or Neil Norton at 404-271-6526.


Neighborhood Watch


Hello Everyone,

There is hope to get the Neighborhood Watch Program up and running again. Signs like the one above are around our Division 2 neighborhood.  We can continue looking out for each other in a more organized way.  We can do this if we re-activate the program. Let’s start with getting two people per street. The list of streets is below.  Please email me at if you can be a captain.  After we have two Street Captains per street, we will schedule a meeting with Officer Al Fowler, DKPD and Officer Singh, DHP.

  • East Lake Road
  • Ridgecrest Road
  • Ridgecrest Court
  • Ponce de Leon Manor
  • West Parkwood Rd
  • Ponce de Leon Avenue between Lakeshore Drive & West Parkwood Rd
  • Ponce de Leon Avenue
  • Barton Woods Road
  • Artwood Road
  • Part of East Parkwood Road
  • Part of Parkwood Lane
  • Part of North Parkwood Road
  • Part of Lakeshore Drive


Yvette Weatherly


Found Tortoise


We have acquired a tortoise. She/he is not a native Georgia tortoise, but has somehow showed up in our back yard. We are glad she has come to visit, but we suspect she is someone’s pet. She is not very fast so we suspect she has escaped from one of our close neighbors.

Please let us know if it is yours or you are a tortoise expert or know anyone who is.


Janet & Clarke Weeks

2181 East Lake Road NE




Found Cat

Cat - 2016-04A very lovely black cat has adopted my family. For the past week, it has been on the porch or in our yard almost all the time, including late and night and early in the morning. It is very affectionate and social. We haven’t fed it or let it inside, assuming that it does have a home, but we would happily care for it, if it does not belong to anyone. Our yard backs up to W Parkwood, so it may officially live there. Is anyone missing or does anyone recognize this sweetie?

Beth Urban Hart

Tour of Homes Docents Needed

Please see the information below from Ryan Graham regarding the need for Tour docents:

Hello DHCA,

We still need your help to staff the tour. We are short 41 docents.

Attached is where we currently stand. Green is fully staffed, white is short but manageable, and red is not good at all. Please, if you haven’t signed up for your shift, please do so today. If you have an email list you can forward this to, a neighborhood list, school list, church list, etc, please do so. As big a network as we have access to, it really should’t be that difficult for us to fill the remaining slots.


Thank you in advance for your help!

Here’s the link to sign up: